What is Blogging and How to make Money doing Blogging?

In this guide, I am going to discuss on blogging. How you can learn blogging and earn money by working from home. What are the skills required for it, how to start it, things to purchase to start blogging, etc.

What is Blogging?

Blogging may refers to sharing the knowledge/information by typing the things that you know over the Internet. In blogging we write content/article for different purpose. Some people do it just as a hobby, some people do it as a business and full time.

If you are a beginner then I suggest you to check this free blogging course. In this course everything is covered from basic to advance so that you did not get any problem. There are total 18 chapters are covered in this course.

How to Start a Blog

1. The first step to start a blogging business/blog is start with purchasing a domain name and hosting. I suggest some best web hosting like Bluehost or siteground to start your blog. These two are very good web hosting services.

2. After purchasing the domain name and hosting from bluehost or any other company the next work is to install wordpress. Bluehost provides an easy solution with 1 click wordpress installation.

3. Now, the wordpress is installed and your next task is to write and publish important pages like privacy policy, terms and conditions, about, and contact page.

4. Install necessary plugins like yoast SEO for doing good on page SEO, updraft plugin for automatic backup, meks social share plugin for sharing the post easily, elementor, w3totalcache, wordfence, etc.

5. Start writing blog posts and publish them. Share the posts on your facebook page, twitter page, Instagram, linkedin, pinterest, etc.


In short, blogging is easy to start but doing it for long time with consistency is difficult. For beginners, it will take some time and you need to put efforts, try to learn new things, do some experiments, etc. To start a blog you need a domain and web hosting that’s it.